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Rules, Fees, & Story


Eight-Week Circuit (One Event Per Week)

Up to 8 People

One Round of Tasting Per Event (Flight of Four Beers)

4 Points for Guessing the Correct Style

2 Points for Guessing the Correct ABV



Registration Fee: $60

Member Event Fee: $15 (Covers Tastings)

Non-Member Event Fee: $25

Please note that the duration between eight-week cycles is based on registration for future events. Contact us today to register.

Our Story

As a husband and wife duo from Denver, CO, we’ve always been social people. However, when the pandemic hit, it put a significant strain on the possibility for social engagements. When restrictions loosened a little, and we could meet with up to eight people, we decided to invite six of our friends to a local brewery for a blind taste test. Long story short: it was so much fun that we decided to have each of our friends pick a new brewery each week on a rotating schedule. We also started wearing fun outfits and sashes adorned with the logos from all the breweries we had visited.

The league quickly grew from just our small group of friends into something much bigger. Locals began seeing us having a great time and were curious to join in on the fun. Some breweries even offered us tours of their facilities. Then, breweries started reaching out to us! They loved what we were doing and wanted even more events—and thus, The League of Extraordinary Drinkers was born.